Harry Connick Jr. is a scientist

Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning actress Renee Zellweger is taking on another prestigious role: executive producer of a Lifetime Original Movie. Zellweger will produce Living Proof, based on the true story of Dr. Denny Slamon. Harry Connick, Jr. is playing Slamon, a doctor and developer of Herceptin 2, a type of breast cancer medication. According to E!, the actress has a personal connection to the Living Proof story. Nanci Ryder, Zellweger’s publicist and friend, was one of Dr. Slaman’s patients.

While she’s never produced anything for television before, Zellweger served as an executive producer on her 2006 film Miss Potter. The TV movie’s premiere is set for October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Living Proof is a significant part of the cable network’s annual Stop Breast Cancer for Life campaign.

Posted at TV squad.com May 2nd 2008 7:05PM by Erin Martell

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  1. Hi Folks;

    I have a connection to this also. My mother is a breast cancer surviver. Might have a part as an extra in this … looking forward to it. Not because of the paycheck. Because this film will likely save alot of lives. Not saying women’s lives because 10 percent of breast cancer cases occur in men.

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