Cutting cancer treatment options?

States Limit Costly Sites for Cancer Radiation


Published: May 1, 2008

Seeking to rein in medical costs, a commission in Michigan on Wednesday moved to prevent hospitals in the state from each spending $100 million or more to provide a new form of radiation treatment for cancer.

The commission, which sets standards for major hospital construction, said it would allow only one center to be built in the state for the treatment, which is known as proton beam therapy. It ordered the state’s largest hospitals — four of which had already proposed their own centers — to collaborate on that one project.

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  1. Great post. I do some web work for the University of Michigan Health Systems. This is definitely an important initiative that is taking place regarding the treatment of cancer.

    To give some more information about this…
    The University of Michigan Health System and five other Michigan health systems are collaborating to bring an emerging cancer treatment to the state’s residents. The treatment, called proton beam therapy, is an innovative form of radiation treatment with potential to cause fewer side effects and less damage to healthy tissue compared to traditional radiation.

    This joint venture will help do the following:
    • Mitigate costs
    • Provide greater economic benefit to Michigan compared to single hospital provider
    • Ensure this technology will be available to all Michigan residents who need it, regardless of where they live or what hospital their insurance covers.

    Consumers interested in this consortium and Proton Beam Therapy should contact Gov. Jennifer Granholm and their state legislators to ensure equal opportunity for those seeking treatment.

    And if you want to learn more, please visit this site:


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