PTSD and me

Actually, mine isn’t specifically PTSD just mixed anxiety and depression.  What did you think you were the only one out there?  I’ve always been anxious. If you’re an hour  late and I haven’t heard from you I don’t assume you got stuck in traffic, I assume you’re dead in a ditch.  I don’t know if it was the chemo, the medication, the surgery, who knows but now that old anxiety looks like a Sunday picnic.  Now doctors appointments can send me over the edge but thanks to chemistry, therapy and deep breathing I’m doing much better.  So even if you thought you were alone, you’re not, welcome to the club.  The article below came from U.S. News and World Reports and the link will show the whole article.

  • Breast cancer patients are more than twice as likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder if they have had previous mood and anxiety disorders, new research suggests.  About 16 percent of the 74 breast cancer patients studied by researchers at the Ohio State University Medical experienced PTSD 18 months after their cancer diagnosis. These same patients were three times more likely to have had anxiety disorders.

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