The government doesn’t want safe food?


You know, I understand that there are times that the government chooses not pursue testing guidelines because of cost.  But this situation is a private industry that wants to pay for their own additional testing. Testing for silly things, like MAD COW and the U.S. government will not allow them, they’ve been taken to court to stop them.

The article below comes from Treehugger.

In most free countries, the Government and its agencies try to raise standards and make food healthier. Not in America. Creekstone Farms wanted to test every one of their cows for mad cow disease, to satisfy demand from overseas customers. Except that they are not allowed to; the USDA guidelines only test 1% of cows. Creekstone went to court for the right to test all of their cows and won at a lower level, but the Bush Administration is appealing it, saying that “more widespread testing does not guarantee food safety and could result in a false posi stop testing done voluntarily by a company? Perhaps one that listetive that scares consumers.” What kind of government goes to court tons…

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