I need your advice.  My Darling husband and I are going to Bonnaroo in a couple of weeks and are terribly excited.  Here’s the problem.  I’ve done all the cancer treatments and everything and they’ve been finished for over a year now.  I’m taking my Femara as prescribed but it has come with a couple of side effects.  My docs agree that since the tendinitis in both of my wrists and the fasciitis in both of my feet started approximately one month after I started the Femara that it is likely the cause.  I’ll be finishing OT this week for the tendinitis and I am the poster child for OT.  Yippee!!! The work that they did and taught me to do brought me back to pre Femara days.

The feet however, are a different story.  I am seeing a podiatrist and will  have orthotics made next week.  I am receiving cortisone shots and the next round will be next week as well.  I can walk, and do on a regular basis.  I don’t need a handicap placard or anything to go to the grocery store but much more than a mile and I’m a hurting unit.  Bonnaroo includes camping and you don’t know where your campsite will be assigned until you get there.  It could be as close as 3/5 of a mile to nearly 3 miles (one way) from your campsite to the concerts.

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I know my doctor would write up anything that I need to get a temporary placard and camp in the handicap accessible site which are 3/5 of a mile.  I am completely torn.  I’ve not used my illness to my own benefit, nor do I consider myself to have a disability but I fear I might if I try to hike 6 miles a day, minimum.

What do you think?  What should I do, take my chances with random assigned camping or plan to go into handicap accessible and get the documentation that I need?

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  1. Just imagine walking around 700 acres in 90-100+ degree weather and probably 100% humidity. I would ask your doctor what you should do and personally I would camp in the handicap accessible area! You do not want to injure yourself more-for sure! Good Luck!

  2. This is on the Bonnaroo website:
    “There will be an ACCESSIBLE CAMPING area for people with mobility disabilities. No early notification will be required but a state-issued accessible parking license plate, placard, or hangtag is required to camp in this area. There will be raised platforms at the stage areas for those who use wheelchairs.”


  3. Definitely do what you need to do to get as close as possible to Centeroo. Last year we were about halfway away and even that was quite a hike.

    If a state-issued tag is not available for you and you have not purchased your tickets and you can afford it, go for the VIP tickets. The special VIP camping area is right next to Centeroo.

    See you there!! BonnaROOOOOO!!

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