It’s June

It seems nearly impossible to me that it is actually June.  JJB will be beginning his last week of first grade.  He’s excited because then “I’m a second grader”, despite the fact that he’ll not be back to school until August.  We’ll head out on the 9th out to my inlaws who are wonderful and will be hosting all of us for a few days and then keeping the kids for a few more while my DH and I head over to Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo is going to be quite the adventure and I am looking forward to it.  I know I’m making my dear one crazy but I can barely contain myself.  The logistics shouldn’t be too bad, we just have to hope for good weather.  The last forecast I saw had highs in the low 90’s (yikes!) and lows near 70 but it is still 10 days off and we all know things can change dramatically in 10 days.  My plan is to see Pearl Jam, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, Jack Johnson, Widespread Panic, Vampire Weekend, Ozomatli, Wilie Nelson, Chris Rock, My Morning Jacket, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, The Avett Brothers, Yonder Mountain String Band and the Bluegrass Allstars.  WHo knows who else I may see,  I’m hoping to just follow where the music takes me.

DH and I will be separating and rejoining each other throughout the fest as he has more of a hip hop liking than I and I more of a world music and bluegrass than he.  I think we’re both just hoping we can find our way through the thousands of campsites to our own.

Well, I’ve been unable to sleep but I should probably try again.  Here’s something to make you giggle. Our darling girl, NEB, stopped and took on a very serious face. “Mom”, she says, “There are no police cats”.  I must have looked at her slightly strangely so she explained. “There are police dogs and police horses but no police cats!”.  Out of the mouths of babes  🙂

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  1. I love what your daughter said! You should check out my Mouths of Babes Page-some funny stuff! Have fun at Bonnaroo~it sounds tempting!

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