No bald chicks please, we’re eating

There is a cute town in Ontario Canada called Owen Sound.  You’ve likely never heard of it.  I’ve never heard of it.  In this town lives a 36 year old bald woman named Stacey Fearnall.   Radical?  No. Fundraiser for cancer services in Canada.  Seems she took pledges for months and then shaved her head raising nearly $3,000.  She showed up for work and was informed that she needed to take three months off until her hair grew back.  What did she do next?  My kind of gal, went to the media and this is now a world wide story.   As someone who worked bald during my treatment (or wore a scarf) I just want Stacey to know that I and many others who would otherwise never have heard of you are behind you!

Here are more details of the story.

One Response

  1. Good for her and you too. I’ve often thought about this after the fact (I was bald too) that maybe it would have been best to go bald for more awareness.

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