More Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been getting a lot of press lately with stories linking low levels to bone loss and increased risk of breast cancer.  This article covers the use of Vitamin D for chronic musculoskeletal pain including muscle, bone and joint.  Knowing that many of us are on medications that may cause these problems it is certainly worth a look.

One Response

  1. This blog makes an interesting argument that some of the studies showing lower Vit. D linked to increased mortality in osteoporosis and autoimmune disease are showing an effect of infection and Vit. D receptor disregulation rather than simple deficiency.

    Many people with low 25D have high 1,25D which is a product of 25D
    That argues against deficiency in some cases.

    They say high levels of 25D deactivates the Vitamin D receptor based on molecular modeling, though… But how much D3 supplementation does it take to maximize cathelidicin production?

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