Another possible breast cancer vaccine

I had a post in April about a breast cancer vaccine.  This appears to be a different vaccine with the same aim.

A breast cancer vaccine currently being tested in a Phase II trial has demonstrated to be safe and well tolerated in patients according to a paper to be published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The therapeutic breast cancer vaccine AE37 uses a peptide antigen (immune-stimulating fragment) of a cancer gene known as HER-2/neu. This gene/protein is present in many types of cells, but it is over-expressed in a high proportion of breast cancers as well as many others.

One Response

  1. As a cancer specialist I am finding this vaccine very effective. Patients need education. This educational material will be helpful in explaining to the patient what he or she needs. Thanks to you I now have an excellent resource.
    Thank You…!

    Keith Barton D.Ir


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