Watermelon for your mojo

Okay, so the combination of chemo, surgery. menopause and medications has a tendency to zap ones shall we say mojo? Sex drive, libido, mojo call it what you will there is research out that shows that watermelon has a “viagra like effect”. Apparently there is a phyto nutrient in the fruit (citruline) that converts to arginine. Arginine is sold in multiple formulations in health food stores, to boost libido. So what the heck, try some extra watermelon this holiday weekend, for the benefit of science. The data doesn’t say how much watermelon you need to eat so try it out and if you have any results to share please report for the rest of us scientists out here.

link: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-06/tau–wmh063008.php

One Response

  1. Sign me up for some more watermelon!!

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