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Treehugger has an article on the best cooling fans for a good nights sleep listing the BedFan, Sleepbreeze Personal Cooling System and the SunFrost Sleep Genie.

Have any of you used any of these?  Since the menopause I am consistently warmer than everyone else in my family and control the air conditioning.  I am already using the Chillow which helps some but would love to be able to bump the AC up a few more degrees and still be able to sleep.

Your mission?  If you have used any of these systems submit a review for myself and all the other women who have a year round, personal summer.  Thanks!

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  1. Hiya,

    It’s unlikely that anyone has used our system – the Sleepbreeze cooler – to manage hot flushes yet as we only launched the product at the end of May, so there’s only a limited number of them out there. So plenty of scope to be the first!

    I know of one lady who did test it when we were at the prototype stage. She has subsequently started to suffer hot flashes and phoned me to say that the product would be just what she needed.

    I have had enquiries from people undergoing chemo/radio therapy who get very hot at night and stuggle to sleep. I believe it would work for them.

    In principle, you could certainly adjust the air conditioning temperature up a few degrees and still get cool as the Sleepbreeze gives a strong convective breeze across your whole body. The breeze is sufficient to evaporate sweat from the skin surface. And as you’ll be aware that is a powerful cooling mechanism. I’d expect skin bloodflow to reduce as a result of that cooling. You can also adjust the airflow and direction to suit your needs.

    We have had ladies use it in a Melbourne heat wave and they were pulling blankets over themselves after a few minutes.

    Also, if you need to keep cool at other times of day or any place apart from bed, then the Sleepbreeze can be used elsewhere. It’s that flexible as a product. We put our on the back of the sofa. Other people use them at the office desks.

    I’ve put some info on my blog recently about how to use the Sleepbreeze in conjunction with a air conditioning. And in particular why it would be better / more energy efficient than a desk fan. I guess that if you’re using air con on a regular basis then the product would pay off pretty quickly through electricity savings.

    So, sympathies for the hot flushes. As you can guess by my name it’s not something I’m going to experience personally!

    If you place an order I’ll ship it on Monday and you can do a review for all the ladies out there that suffer this condition.

    Hope my comments help.
    With kind regards,
    Andy at

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