Leave them alone

The New York Times on Monday, July 7th examined the debate among physicians on the value of recommending that women ages 80 and older receive annual mammograms.  There is not much data available for this age group because large clinical trials traditionally focused on younger people and excluded the very old.

I have a wild suggestion.  If a woman lives to be 80 she apparently has made some good choices in her life so why not just ask her.  It’s fine to have recommendations if that is what is required to get Medicare to pay for it or for whatever reason but I am of the deep belief that by the time you are 80 you should be able to do whatever the hell you want to.  I’ve made jokes for ages that if I live to be 80 I’m trying heroin. Why?  Because I suspect I would like it ALOT and as such don’t want to try it now.  But at 80, go freaking wild!

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