The joys of travelling

Well I’ve been out for a while due to technical problems that will be reported in another post. But here’s the vacation portion of our program.

We left on Sunday, two hours after I wanted to leave but what are you going to do and drove from Wilmington, NC to Bowmansville, PA. Who ever invented the DVD players that you can use in the car should be made the patron saint of parents. I don’t know how my parents ever did a trip with the three of us as kids without killing one of us or each other. The trip was uneventful most of the way which is always a good thing but as we got closer to the camp ground the rain began. I wanted to leave earlier so that we could arrive during daylight but this was not to be. So in the dark and rain we arrived at Oak Grove Campground. We chose to rent a camping cabin rather than tent camp and boy am I glad we did. Trying to set up camp in the dark and rain with a 7 and 3 year old is nothing I want to imagine for more than a moment.

The cabin was absolutely great. We splurged for the two room cabin so that we didn’t have to go to bed the same time as the kids but often we were not up much later. The back room had two sets of bunk beds built in and the front had a double bed and a small table. Each room had a light and ceiling fan (what an unexpected surprise) and there was a window AC unit in the back room. There was also a plug in radiator if needed. Now I know this isn’t really camping for a lot of you but we’re rookies.

Monday we were up and out to Amish country.  The kids decorated gingerbread cookies at Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA giving Mom a chance to do a little shopping.  The kids had a good time with play areas, petting zoos, pony rides and more.  Our 7 year old was interested in the buggies, wanting to drive one since he had driven a golf cart when he was visiting his grandparents last month.  Spent the evening cooking hot dogs over the fire and eating s’mores with the kids.

Tuesday we were off to Sesame Place. If you are anywhere near Langhorne, PA outside of Philadelphia and have kids under 8 or 9 go to Sesame Place.  What a blast!  This is Disney World but with Sesame Street as a setting instead.  Parades and shows, rides and water attractions that are all designed for young kids. One warning.  If you are going get thorough directions.  If you have ever driven in Atlanta it seems that every other street is named Peachtree.  Well in Langhorne it feels like every other street is named Oxford in some way and the one you are looking for is Oxford Valley.  The park is tucked behind a shopping mall so if you don’t have thorough directions you  may drive a round a bit like we did. Tickets are about $50 per person and you have to pay for parking (note to Sesame Place, that’s stupid!!).   Staff are all professional and attentive and I’d like to give special thanks to the woman working guest services who gave us wonderful directions back to camp. I am really not sure who had a better time, the kids or me.  I mean really, I got high fived by Big Bird for crying out loud!  Our one mistake?  There is an area that looks like the buildings from Sesame Street and I should have taken loads of pictures of the family there.  Oh well.

Wednesday we went up to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster.  Had we done things in reverse I think I would have liked Dutch Wonderland more but after Sesame Place it couldn’t compare.  Not their fault and the kids still had a good time.  It was also a day that there were groups from day camp there so the mood was different than the day before with families.  Tickets were about $30 per person, parking was free and we didn’t get lost on the way so those are all a good thing.

Thursday we were off to Syracuse, NY to see my darling husband’s family.  We stayed with his wonderful aunt and uncle and had a wonderful time.  The kids had a great time meeting cousins and playing.  One problem, we left North Carolina with the assumption that it might actually be cooler 700 miles north.  I even packed long pants and light jackets for everyone.  It was hot as hell!!!  Highs in the 90’s the entire time we were there.  Thankfully we weren’t blamed.  Also, I would like to thank each an every member of the family who did not spend family reunion telling me “You look so good”  I was truly worried about that.

Pleasant surprise that we were actually able to work out getting together with Paul and Ben while we were up.  As always you both look WONDERFUL!  By the way, one of the females in the family was heard saying “That Ben is hunky!”  Thought you’d appreciate darlings.

We landed in a pile when we got home but that’s another post.  Thanks to everyone, we really did have a great time.

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