New Shopping Links

I’ve a few new shopping links that I’ll be posting but wanted to mention them first. I have not been paid nor have I received any of these products (of course I am certainly open to these options 🙂 )

First of all we have These folks let you design a character that “looks just like you”, although I couldn’t find one that had gained 30 pounds in the last year. After you’ve designed your model you can buy all kinds of stationery, note pads, magnets and more with you on them. They are a little pricey for my budget but I’m not generally a personalized note paper kind of gal. They have gift certificates and trust me, if someone you know is dealing with cancer they’ve probably already received all the candles they can stand. Five percent (5%) of every sale goes to the Gal to Gal Foundation that helps support women diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer.

Next we have The Beau Beau at These are some beautiful scarves for when your hair isn’t looking like it should, or it’s left you altogether. The nice thing here is that the scarves are lined in cotton, and they have different weights depending on your climate. Gift certificates and a wish list is also available.

Next Before you buy someone you work with a pair of giant panties or a bag of adult diapers for their 50th birthday take a look at this site.  They make paper fans for hot flashes.  I’ve not tried one yet as I have a hand held fan in my office already but they are prices right and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Last and certainly not least  makes sassy, fashionable lymphedema sleeves.  Just a warning, one of the co-founders of the company has passed (there are some times that the last thing I can handle is the image of a beautiful young woman who has died). They have a great variety of designs for compression sleeves and have gauntlets as well.  Gift certificates would be great for someone you know who could use a boost!

That’s all for now.  If you know of a great site that should be listed here let me know.

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