The difficulty of disclosure

What was it like for you, telling people about your breast cancer diagnosis?  Was it harder doing it face to face or from a distance via phone or e-mail?  Did you feel like you were comforting those that you told rather than the other way around?  Was it harder for you to tell colleagues or family?  Men or Women? It’s different for everyone but apparently it’s also very much the same.

There is new research presented just today that looks at the emotional challenges of disclosing a breast cancer diagnosis.  Presented today to the American Sociological Association the study is titled Breast Cancer Confessions: The Emotional Work of Disclosing a Diagnosis

“Women diagnosed with breast cancer face an uphill emotional battle,” said Grace J. Yoo, a sociologist at San Francisco State University and the study’s primary investigator. “At a time when they are forced to deal with their own vulnerabilities, women with breast cancer must also navigate the vulnerabilities of loved ones as they react to the news.”

To obtain a copy of Yoo’s paper; for more information on other ASA presentations; or for assistance reaching the study authors, contact Jackie Cooper at or (202) 247-9871.

2 Responses

  1. I had colon cancer, but being a woman every assumes I had breast cancer. It was so hard to tell people, especially my family, in fact for a good week I only said that doc said it might be cancer. When in fact he said it was cancer from the start.

  2. I wonder if was harder for you because everyone did assume it was breast cancer and they didn’t know as much about colon cancer? Colon cancer isn’t as public.

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