This post has been FDA approved

The FDA has a website, listed below, that lists 125 fake cancer “Cures”. I know that the FDA can be controversial sometimes and there are those who think that the FDA’s approval is unnecessary.  Depending on where I was in my treatment course I could easily be in that camp. When I was diagnosed I had all kinds of folks telling me they their cousin was cured with any variety of herbs, diets and ungents. Receptionists and preschool teachers were oncologists. I certainly believe that there are alternative treatments that are effective, that there are treatments that need research, that there are unknown combinations that may work miracles. Unfortunately I also know that if the right person had told me that drinking gasoline was going to cure my cancer my next words would have been “Bottoms Up”

The part that I worry about are the people who don’t have decent medical care or health insurance.  The people who are afraid to get mammograms in the first place because they can’t afford the treatment anyway. I suspect a few of them have tried the items on this list.  Wonder how they are now?

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