smart bras

CNN ran a piece last week talking about “smart clothes”. Apparently there are already clothes out there that can repel insects (if it works on mosquitos I need one in every color!). Another piece they are working on is a “smart bra” that can detect possible breast cancer. While an interesting idea how would it tell you. Does it start beeping, buzzing, flashing with light? Can you turn a switch that would not alert you while driving in traffic, visiting your in laws, at the school open house? Knowing the base level of anxiety that someone who buys this bra would have, I’d think they would need to have some control in the notification system. A quote from the piece is below and the link is under that.

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in this field is ongoing work on a breast screening smart bra which could allow wearers to detect breast cancer at the earliest stage. Professor Elias Siores, of the University of Bolton, England, says the bra can detect cancer before the tumor can develop and spread into surrounding areas. Crucially, Professor Siores says the bra can also monitor the effectiveness of any breast cancer treatment the wearer is undergoing.

The smart bra works using a microwave antennae system device which is woven into the fabric of the bra. The antennae picks up any abnormal temperature changes in the breast tissue, which are often associated with cancer cells. It is hoped the bra will be on sale in stores in a couple of years.

However, some remain doubtful as to whether the science behind the bra is achievable. There are also doubts whether the bra could replace traditional screening methods, such as a mammogram.

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  1. I can’t help it. That makes me giggle.

  2. Good, we need more giggling!

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