Doctor’s appointment

Yesterday was a follow up appointment with my oncologist. I’m on the every six month schedule now and my anxiety goes through the roof as these appointments approach. So I took a walk with Ann who was diagnosed during my treatment and breathe some fresh air and then take a Xanax!  We take turns talking each other down during these kinds of things.

Doc is pleased with my lab work and the report of how I feel. He had a resident with him today so we both spent time explaining things to her. He explained that since my tumor was 7 cm in size and 9 out of 16 nodes were positive we were very aggressive. We explained the concurrent chemo and radiation did quite a bit of damage to my chest wall and that is why we do alternating PET scans and chest x-rays. I think that was the first time I really understood it myself. Ladies, in case you didn’t know, Femara can cause increased cholesterol…YIPPEE!

I hate these appointments. I think today’s was worse than usual because we really reviewed my history for the sake of the resident.  People who haven’t been through this kind of treatment may not understand the power the words actually have. Anyway, I’m waiting for the insurance to approve a PET scan before it is scheduled then hopefully we’ll be done for another six months.  Looking forward to another date with N.E.D.  hope he’s ready for me.

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