Chillow review

Okay ladies and gents, I may have mentioned before that I bought a Chillow as an attempt to sleep.  I’ve listed it on my site as a tool if you’re having hot flashes. I do not work for nor do I sell this product but I’m a fan and as such, my first product review.

The chillow is about the size of a standard pillow.  When received you take it out of the box, roll it out flat and pour warm water into it. I know that sounds counter intuitive but that’s how it works.  Then you release any extra air and put it in your pillow.  You can use it inside or inside a pillowcase.

This does not need to be refrigerated or cooled.  The Chillow pillow requires no electricity, makes no noise and stays dry.  You do not need to flip it to find a cool spot.  We went camping in Tennessee in June and it was an absolutely wonderful thing to  have in a hot tent. Really handy if you’re visiting someone who keeps their home warmer than you are comfortable with.

I use mine to keep cool when sleeping and have been able to move the thermostat up a couple of degrees, saving on electricity.  A colleague of mine bought hers and uses it when she has headaches.  They make pet beds and I suppose that that could be modified for use in bed.

To the manufacturers a couple of product expansion ideas: sleep mask, inserts for bras and mattress pads.

This makes an ideal gift for anyone you know dealing with menopause, hot flashes from medical treatments and campers who need a little luxury.

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