Julia Child part 2

One of the first posts that I did was about Julia Child.  I wrote about her being a chef and a spy and I didn’t think a thing of it.  I thought it was common knowledge.  Well who knew it would be all over the news months later. Chef by day, spy by night, so cool!

Julia Child was a member of the OSS, a precursor to the CIA.  After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 the then 28 year old applied to the service.

According to the CBC news:

She worked as a research assistant and file clerk, then worked directly for OSS chief Gen. William J. Donovan. She also was involved in a project to develop a shark repellent, to stop sharks from exploding underwater mines.    Later, she was posted to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) where she met her husband Paul Cushing Child, also an OSS operative. She moved with him to France and later trained in French cuisine and opened her famed cooking school.

more of the CBC’s story:  http://www.cbc.ca/arts/story/2008/08/14/child-spy.html

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for cheering me on and commenting on my blog! What’s interesting (and one of those weird things that happens to me all the time) is that one of my co-workers was just talking about Julia Child and the OSS yesterday afternoon.

    Then, I stop by to visit your blog this morning to thank you, and there’s Julia Child and the OSS again! Strange… 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. It was funny because I thought this was common knowledge and was surprised it wasn’t. Thanks for reading.

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