Help a stranger

If you’ve had cancer than you know this feeling.  You’re going about another regular day and then SLAM!     Cancer right in your face.  It kicks the crap out of you.

My friend Dorothy has been fighting breast cancer on and off for four years now. She was initially diagnosed and completed her treatment and then, while I was out for my surgery she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer.  She has been getting chemo for nearly two years now with Herceptin as well as some others. She has been down to every three weeks but for nearly a year she went weekly for treatment.  Her scans have been clear. Well her thyroid blood work had been going up over the last few tests but we had been hoping that it was just her chemotherapy messing with her thyroid function.  Today we learned that she will need to have radioactive iodine treatment to the thyroid and she is really worried.

Have I mentioned yet that she is 37 years old?  Her strongest wish is to be able to see her sons graduate high school, they’re in middle school now.  She works with families of children with special needs. She needs support and if possible contact from people who have had this treatment and come out victorious. She knows I’m posting this note and including her e-mail address and would welcome any advice or information you can share. She can be reached at

She is a woman of abiding faith so if you are a person who will be praying tonight please remember her in your prayers.  I’ve linked to some of your blogs directly hoping that you will pass this information on to your readers as well.  I thank you on behalf of Dorothy, her family and everyone who knows her.

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  1. Nice of you to post so that people may send your friend success stories. My sister had an over active thyroid. She had the radioactive iodine and no takes synthroid. She lives a normal and happy life.

  2. Thanks, glad to hear about your sister as well.

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