No milk hormones please

When Pumpkin was old enough to drink milk I because aware of bovine growth hormone (BGH) and I chose to buy organic milk. I’ve got to admit, buying organic milk 7 years ago was more difficult than it is today.  We only had one grocery in store that carried it and the price, yikes!  We’ve bought other organic products too but the one we always buy organic is milk.  Then when Lambchop joined the brood that was just reinforced.  I’ve seen too many little girls in puberty at  age 6 to not change what I can.  Well now, not only do all of the local grocery stores carry it but Harris Teeter has it’s own store brand.  Here’s more from the New York Times a few weeks ago.

Original article:

After struggling to gain consumer acceptance, Monsanto on Wednesday announced that it would try to sell its business of producing an artificial growth hormone for dairy cows. The company will focus instead on its thriving business of selling seeds and developing ways to improve crops. The decision comes as more retailers, saying they are responding to consumer demand, are selling dairy products from cows not treated with the artificial hormone.  Wal-Mart, Kroger and Publix are among the retailers that now sell house-brand milk from untreated cows. Almost all of the fresh milk sold by Dean Foods, the nation’s largest milk bottler, also comes from cows that were not treated with the artificial hormone, a spokeswoman said.

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