Femara + Zometa = longer life?

I have an appointment with my oncologist on Monday. I am sure that he is going to think I am his most annoying patient, however, I have new research to review with him.

See, I take Femara and while I love the fact that Femara does a very good job of keeping breast cancer away (aromatase inhibition) it does a heck of a job eating away at bone. Knowing that it can reduce bone density by 8 percent per year we’ve had regular bone density studies and wouldn’t you know, I’ve gone from normal bone density to osteopenic in one year.

So now I take Femara and Fosamax, with the addition of the second medication to try to build my bones back up.

A few months ago there was research showing that Zometa use in cases of women with breast cancer before natural menopause showed a significant decrease in recurrence. Well just last week there were three clinical trials reporting the same results. I’m excited by the prospect so I’ll see you Monday doc.

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6 Responses

  1. SO WHAT(?) if he thinks you are an annoying patient. You are paying big bucks to ask questions and get answers. More women have to ask questions until they feel comfortable with what they are going to take, or not take. More power to you that you are researching and asking great questions … probably questions that other women wanted to ask but didn’t. You’ll be able to make an educated choice. Bravo.

  2. Oh I don’t worry about it, he’s used to me by now. I have noticed the doctor patient relationship changes a bit when you’re no longer in active treatment. It may just be the lack of frequency who knows. I’ll report back next week.

  3. I finished chemotherapy and radiation and have been on Femara for 2 months. My oncologist is recommending Zometa infusion twice each year for three years based on a study from Austria for both pre-menopausal and postmenopausal women with early stage breast cancer. This is great news that there is something else to fight with!!!

  4. My oncologist likes it as well but my insurance company does not. (Still experimental) Check it out with yours and let me know what you hear.

  5. I need a different Oncologist. Mine has no time for anything except a monoglogue that tells me nothing.
    He’s also rude, and won’t let me talk, or ask questions.
    I didn’t chose him, my doctor did. How can I get another without stepping on toes? I’ve had th is one for a year and a half.

  6. I’ve been seen by the pys assst’s last two 6-month check ups. The visit yesterday was with a young lady who announced side effects from femara happened early after the protocol began and disappeared after a few months. I wanted to slap her, and believe me the appointment went down hill after that. She told me about “all they were doing for me” like referring me to my primary phys to review my palpitations. Had she bothered to check the patient update I filled out before the visit, she might have noticed I listed the anti-fibrillation meds…the oncologist is the best in the area, but I feel the pain of the rest of the post-chemo’s who rarely see their docs and are stuck with the supercilious assistants.

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