Bravo’s Workout Fallout

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Those in the breast cancer survivors community are in an outrage about the behavior of reality television star, fitness guru, Jackie Warner of Bravo’s Workout.

Bravo, NBC, Workout, trainer, Gatorade, PropelApparently on the last episode on Work Out, Peeler was training a famous fitness model and close friend, named Jamie Eason. Jackie and her assistant Lisa were watching from her office and made rude comments about Jamie’s fake breasts. The door was open and Jamie’s boyfriend overheard and informed them that she was a breast cancer survivor and had to have reconstructive surgery. She is claiming that she didn’t make the remarks but that they were made by “her staff”. Nevertheless, viewers are calling for it to be cancelled and are writing to Bravo (the network) and Gatorade (sponsor).

Response from Gatorade:

On behalf of The Gatorade Company, we want to thank you for contacting us and sharing your concerns about the relationship Propel has with the TV show The Workout, specifically around the incident where one of Jackie Warner’s trainers makes a comment to Jackie about a client’s breasts. What made this exchange even more troubling was the discovery the woman being discussed is a breast cancer survivor.

We have watched the episode in question, and we too were surprised and saddened to see the conversations unfold between these trainers. Since this episode aired, we have heard from many viewers of The Workout who are also consumers of our product, and we understand and relate to your disappointment in what occurred.

We have notified Bravo we no longer wish to be associated with The Workout and will be pulling our commercials. Furthermore, we will not renew our sponsorship of this program in subsequent seasons. Please note, because this season’s episodes, and past seasons’ episodes, have already been filmed and edited, moving forward you may still continue to see Propel used in the show.

We take very seriously the concerns you have shared, and we understand why there is discomfort for our consumers with an association of Propel and The Workout, given the unfortunate events that unfolded during this week’s episode. We hope our immediate actions send a clear message to the community that we greatly value what you have to say, agree with your sentiments, and appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us.

Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner, NBC, Bravo, workout, breast cancer

UPDATE:  I’ve done some research and can not yet find the status of WorkOut for next season.  At this time it is listed as being “on hiatus”.  Sponsorship was publicly dropped by Soyjoy and Propel although there is no telling if other companies have “quietly” dropped the show or not.

6 Responses

  1. Thank God!! That is a nasty women who doesn’t deserve success!

  2. While I thought Jackie and Lisa were unprofessional and catty in their comments about Jamie Eason, in fairness, they were not making fun of her for having breast cancer. Jamie Eason is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, and I am sure her mere presence in the gym sent these two “ladies” into a self esteem tailspin. I am more saddened that we as women do not congratulate and admire each other’s individual beauty instead of tearing each other down to make ourselves feel better.

    Jamie’s whole body (including her augmented chest) is gorgeous. Jackie and Lisa had nothing else to focus on but her breasts. The only reason you would even know they were implants is because women with that little body fat % rarely have full breasts, so that was their easiest target. Basically, don’t judge someone for reconstructive surgery. There are reasons for surgery other than simple vanity.

    To me, Jackie’s treatment of Brian Peeler was worese than any comments she could have made about Ms. Eason. Go Peeler for defending your client!

    If Jackie really did not make inappropriate comments, wouldn’t she demand that Bravo air the footage shot in her office between Jackie, Lisa, and Eason’s boyfriend as proof? Hmmm…

    Everything happens for a reason, and thanks to this episode, many of us who did not know who Eason was are now some of her biggest fans, including me! What an inspirational woman! Brains, beauty, and a great fitness story!

  3. I’ve just noticed that “Wotk Out” is not on Tv anymore and I’ve found what happened. I saw the last TV show and everything was awfully, bur like a bucky said the way Jackie treated Brian was worse from everything.
    Thanks God we won’t wacth her anymore!!!

  4. Nice blog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I’m bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I’ll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

  5. I think you all are being a bit too sensitive. It’d be one thing if Jackie or her staff, whomever made the comment, KNEW the client had cancer and made those comments, but the fact that she had no idea doesn’t sound like something that’s a huge issue. We’ve ALL been guilty of making comments about people and then later regretting them or later finding out the full story. Make a fuss when something was done with malicious intent; not when there was just a mistake made.

  6. i liked the show.i have had cousins with breast cancer.hopefully jackie and crew will think next time before they speak.

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