Some shots of the family

I’ve come to realize that most of my readers have never met me or my family so I thought I’d put up a couple of pictures.

This is the real reason that most of us go through just about any treatment they can come up with.  There’s me, my darling husband, “Pumpkin” my son and “Lambchop” my daughter.  This was taken in November 2007 while I was using Taxol which allowed some hair to grow back in.  The kids were 6 and 2 respectively.


The difficulty of disclosure

What was it like for you, telling people about your breast cancer diagnosis?  Was it harder doing it face to face or from a distance via phone or e-mail?  Did you feel like you were comforting those that you told rather than the other way around?  Was it harder for you to tell colleagues or family?  Men or Women? It’s different for everyone but apparently it’s also very much the same.

There is new research presented just today that looks at the emotional challenges of disclosing a breast cancer diagnosis.  Presented today to the American Sociological Association the study is titled Breast Cancer Confessions: The Emotional Work of Disclosing a Diagnosis

“Women diagnosed with breast cancer face an uphill emotional battle,” said Grace J. Yoo, a sociologist at San Francisco State University and the study’s primary investigator. “At a time when they are forced to deal with their own vulnerabilities, women with breast cancer must also navigate the vulnerabilities of loved ones as they react to the news.”

To obtain a copy of Yoo’s paper; for more information on other ASA presentations; or for assistance reaching the study authors, contact Jackie Cooper at or (202) 247-9871.

My hero of the day: Livia Ionce

Many of you have already read about Livia Ionce, the Canadian woman who has given birth to her 18th child.  In doing some further research I have found this interesting tidbit;  she has had no multiples.  Now think about that.  She is 44 years old and had 18 individual pregnancies. Now assuming that her pregnancies were full term (that may means she has spent 13 and a half years pregnant.  Now try this one.  With the exception of one child they were all vaginal deliveries. 

I have two children that I love but some days getting out of the house (on time, LOL) is a major accomplishment. Now I don’t know about anyone else out there but I also remember pregnancy, sleep deprivation, breast feeding and the effects that they have on both body and mind. 

So here’s to you Livia for doing something that I and millions of others could never imagine.

VIA Huffington Post

ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia – A Romanian immigrant has given birth to her 18th child in British Columbia, making her the province’s most prolific mother in 20 years. Proud dad Alexandru Ionce said Saturday that his 44-year-old wife, Livia, gave birth on Tuesday. Their daughter Abigail weighed in at seven pounds, 12 ounces.

“We never planned how many children to have. We just let God guide our lives, you know, because we strongly believe life comes from God and that’s the reason we did not stop the life,” said Alexandru Ionce.

The couple immigrated to Canada from Romania in 1990 and now live in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their 17 other children range in age from 20 months to 23 years old. Ionce said he did not know if the couple would have more children. The family now has 10 girls and eight boys. “We would have liked a boy to be even,” he said. “We thank God all of them are healthy and happy.”

Top 10 spelling words for 1st grade

10. harmful

9. army

8. garden

7. parked

6.  yard

5.  sharpest

4. farther

3.  partner

2. warning

1.  monarch

EXTRA CREDIT: apartment, sarcastic

I don’t remember even having spelling tests in the first grade, especially not three syllable words, Yikes!