This blog is now suspended

Until the nation’s severe financial crisis is over. In this difficult time, we should all be putting our country first.

I’ll be doing my part by laying on the couch and watching Slacker Uprising tonight.   The film is ready for free download today on the assumption that it has not also suspended itself in solidarity with the economy.


Social Security and McCain

I was talking to a woman at the office today about the stock market and the overall economy. I’m a little freaked out because we’ve got some money in, not a lot but more than we’d like to lose. Heck, I can piss away money by myself thanks and enjoy it a whole lote more than what’s been going on lately.

Less than a year away from her planned retirement she’s actually feeling pretty secure. Her money is pretty conservatively invested at this point and while there may be some loss she doesn’t expect it to be much. Add that to the pension and it should be okay.

Then the conversation turned to Social Security. That’s when she reminded me of the plan that Bush tried to push through to privatize social security. I hadn’t thought about it since the American people crushed that idea into the ground. But a little reasearch showed that not only did Bush want to privatize it but so did McCain. Continue reading